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ISI Develops, products, sales and rents equipments for fire fighting. Our Engineers are all experienced professionnals in the petroleum and special/ industrial hazards fire fighting fields, witch is why we do focus manly but not only on the following clients :

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  • Oil & Gas Industries and activities

  • Aviation & Marine

  • Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

  • Army Forces Aviation Marine Ground

  • Power & Energy Classical, Hydro & Nuclear

  • Chemicals Storages

  • Metal Industries

  • Mining Activities

  • Elevated Storages

  • Contracting Companies
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Categories :
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Canons Fixes manuels ou commandés

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Canons Portables et mobiles

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Canons Très Gros Débits

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Matériels d'extinction manuelle

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Buses de pulvérisation pour installations fixes

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Matériels pour installations fixes

x ISI's Experienced Professionals design and manufacture systems and installations according to international codes (APSAD, NFPA, EN, ...) and state of the art best practice.

Especially :
    1. Prefabricated units/systems made to order :
    • Foam/water deluge skids
    • Foam/water pump skids
    • Dry Chemical skids
    • Twin agents (powder AND foam)
    • Foam tank skids
    • Mixed systems skids
    • Shelters and enclosures
    • New foam Pressure Controlled Mixers (CPC)
    • ...
    2. Risk analysis and installation sizing
    3. Special Hazards firefighting installations
    4. Tests, controls and analyses for existing systems and installations.
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Skid de circulation et refroidissement deau distillée

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Protection des sites pétroliers

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Skid poudre offshore

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Système déluge

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Protection de baies de chargement

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Protection des installations portuaires

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Locaux incendie et de pompage en conteneur

x ISI develops applications of fire water puming systems dedicated to industrial and oil/gas clients : :

  • Fire water pumps for Installations & site networks
  • Foam Mixing pumps and systems
  • Jockey Pumps (network pressure sustaining)
  • Portable and movable pump systems
  • Sheltered pumps and pumps systems

Our engineers are Fluid Mecanics, Hydraulics and mechanics specialists. Assembly and tests are made in our workshop of Villers sur Fère, France. We do there :

  • Basic and Detailed Studies
  • The Choice of components
  • The purchasing of components
  • The fabrication of structural elements (Skids, ...)
  • The assembly of all components
  • The performance tests
  • The electrical tests

  • ISI's Standards anre the same as our client's (NFPA 20 - UL/FM - GOST - APSAD) ISI integrates world best components from world leading companies such as :

  • Pumps : KSB® , Colfax® , Ensival Moret® , ITT® , ...
  • Drivers : VOLVO® , IVECO® , CATERPILLAR® , DEUTZ® ,PERKINS® , CUMMINS® , ABB® , WEG® , ...
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Pompes diesel refroidies par air

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Pompes Electriques basses et haute tension

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Pompes diesel refroidies par Eau

[Alternative text]

Pompes Jockey

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Pompes Emulseur (dosage)

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Pompes Mobiles

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Pompe : roue URANUS
720 m3/H 16 bar « marine », refroidissement par eau perdue – RUSSIE

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Moteur IVECO Marine
550 m3/H 16.5 bar refroidissement par Eau Perdue

x A Full Range of Best Practice Fire Fighting Materials
ISI's experienced professionals developped a full range of fire fighting materials :

  • Movable and portable materials
  • fixed installations materials/components
  • Mandatory and legal equipment
  • chemical consumable (powder, foam concentrate, gaz, ...).

    Water Fire Suppression :
  • Hydrants, couplings, Hoses and accessories
  • Manual valves and deluge valves
  • Nozzles
  • Monitors
  • Hand Nozzles and hose reels

    Foam Supression :
  • Foam Mixing devices and systems
  • low, medium and high expansion foam generators
  • Nozzles and small generators
  • Monitors and foam branch pipes

    Dry Chemical :
  • Standard Skids 50, 100, 150 kg ... 2000 kg
  • Fixed and manual Nozzles
  • Twin Agents

OUR ASSETS (Quality For Security)

ISI garantees its supply by clear and detailed procedures described in our quality management system and manual uilt according to ISO 9001:2008 ISI is already certtified by notified bodies on export markets : Our Pumps are CE approved. ISI's Workshop in villers sur fere, France, is equiped for performance control. We have : Instant reading and recording of performance data is included, allowing :


TOTAL Outre-Mer - Foam Materials and Fire Pumps
TOTAL Raffinerie de Feyzin - Foam Materials, Fire Pumps and Foam Mixing systems and pumps
EDF - Rental of fire pump skids and Shelters and supply of hydraulic materials
SPMR Villette de vienne - 100 % of the foam Materials and nozzles for the tank farm
Marseille International Harbor - Fire Water/Foam Monitors ATEX oil operated
Russia - Fire Pumps up to 1000 m3/H 15 bar
Africa - Numerous projects Studies and Supply of full fire fighting materials packages for thanks farms and oil jetties
Entrepose Contracting - Fire Fighting Materials for Tunisia
Sprinkler Companies - Supply of numerous Fire Pump FM approved
CHUBB - Basic and detailed Studies of water and foam based Fire Fighting Installations - Supply of materials
PETROMIN, Morocco - Fire Fighting Pumps
Kenitra Power plant, Morocco - Fire Fighting Pumps
Caracas Subway, Venezuella - Fire Fighting Pumps and Materials
ORYX - Full basic design for LAS PALMAS tank farm fire fighting system, SPAIN, and ORYX group Firefighting guideline document building


ISI proposes, in connection with its main activities, service offer such as :



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